Customizing the New WordPress Twenty Seventeen Theme

Marjorie Ray Digital Marketing Brattleboro WordPress

Follow along step-by-step with Marjorie Ray of Codewryter as we customize the new Twenty Seventeen WordPress Theme for Business. This theme is free and is included in the most recent update of WordPress 4.7.

Learn how to add video backgrounds and featured-image sections to your home page. See how visible edit shortcuts work in the customizer. Share resources for free photos and videos. Learn how to create menu navigation and more!

January 26, 2017 · 5:30 PM

Analytics – Who’s Got a Good Funnel?

Is Google Analytics the best tool for tracking web traffic and conversions or are there other free, easier-to-understand tools, such as Hotjar and Jetpack Stats? What about social tracking such as Facebook Insights? Which tools do you favor? Where are your frustration points? Who’s got a good funnel?


Brattleboro WordPress Meetup

Sep 22, 2016 · 5:30 PM