Recap of WordCamp Boston 2016

Meetup Thursday, August 25, 2016

At least three of our members attended WordCamp Boston 2016. There were many great speakers and, as with any WordCamp, tons of new information to digest.  At our July meetup we had a lively discussion on many topics, which we are continuing in August. We hope to see you there. Anyone with any interest in WordPress, at any level, is welcome!

WordCamp Boston 2016

Tools, Plugins or Sites to Check Out:

For Site Speed:

Google AMP –

For Publishing:

Facebook Instant Articles Publishing

Publish to Apple News

For SEO and Page Speed:

Google Page Speed Insights

To Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content use W3 Total Cache – maybe we can demonstrate this later

Optimize Content – Don’t put too much on your home page. Lazy Load Images. Aggregate CSS and Javascript. Optimize Images. – to test site improvement – compares before and after page

Google is going to start using artificial intelligence will start factoring in

Project Management:

Jira – Planning Board



Google Sheets


WP Project Manager – CRM Tool

Agile Sprint Planning – chunks of time 1 week, 2 week timeframes for automation (try IFTTT for free)

Tools to help with documentation:




Working With Clients:

*Get Clients introduced early to WordPress – log them into the dashboard throughout the site build, not at the end of the project.

Troy Dean – WP Elevation – “Build something that people with money want to buy.”

Check out “ContractKiller” by Andy Clark

Get an Accountability Partner

Get feedback from clients about how you can do better.

Read: Jonathan Stark – Value Based Pricing

How do you get higher quality clients?

  • Say No to clients you don’t want
  • Position yourself to the clients you do want
  • partnership with influencers
  • ask what is their budget and what value you can bring to them.

Monthly Website Care Plans = predictable income

Membership Sites:

  • Develop an authority about your topic
  • Be diligent – consistency is key
  • Recognize opportunity
  • Start a mastermind group of folks with similar businesses
  • Engagement is what is important

Things to Learn More About:

If anyone would like to expand on these topics, we would be grateful!

  • Efficient Workflow using Version Control, Composer, Grunt or Gulp, Vagrant for Local Development, and Jenkins for Continuous Integration.
  • Using Field Manager instead of ACF (Advanced Custom Fields)
  • Rest API


Displaying a Custom Taxonomy Archive on a WordPress Home Page

Eben Gilkenson of View Web Development


Hooks and Filters